Project Liber8 Wants To See The World Without Borders

The unchecked perceptions that have long been disproved, play a critical role in how trafficked victims, migrant workers and refugees are treated in our communities.

These perceptions have benefitted the wrong side of the market. We wish to tip the balance by continuously sharing facts and evidence that promotes a culture of inclusion and its potential benefits for our entire society – crazy, we know.

When trafficked victims, migrant workers, and refugees arrive in a country, there are several barriers they have to face when trying to get access to different needs. Many Malaysians aren’t aware of these challenges and sometimes allow misconceptions to hold us back from lending a hand.

We don’t lack compassion,
we just need education.

The #KitaJagaKita movement showed us the kindness Malaysians are truly capable of given that they are aware of what others are going through. The migrant communities in our country are equally in need of our help but the message is difficult to get across to Malaysians for various reasons including the language barrier and fear of being deported.

We hope to bring their stories alive and encourage an inclusive society because #KitaJagaSemua.

Meet The Team

New Su Shern
Founder & Executive Director
Saravanakkumar Kannisah
Associate Director
Fatin Razak
Operations Manager
Alia Abrar
Senior Programme Officer
Melissa Chin
Programme Officer
Onysha Boak
Programme Officer
Maryline Erika
Programme Development Officer