Why is this programme important?

Many Malaysians may be unaware or misinformed about trafficking in persons because knowledge and information on the issue aren’t always very accessible or easy to understand.

Tip the Narrative is a programme supported by the US Embassy to increase empathy and shift Malaysians’ attitude towards trafficking in persons (TIP for short or better known as human trafficking).

National Media Campaign

Through a series of Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos, an array of educational content, and strategic partnerships with diverse media agencies, Tip the Narrative aims to shed light on the importance of addressing trafficking while breaking down the complexities of this critical issue in a format that resonates with a broader audience.

Content Creators’ Workshop

The “Beyond the Feed” programme was developed with the explicit purpose of offering content creators a platform to address the issue of trafficking in persons (TIP) creatively and effectively.

Journalism Workshop

The “Beyond the Headlines” fellowship programme aimed to provide media practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of trafficking in persons (TIP) and enhance their reporting by adopting a trauma-sensitive and human-centred approach.